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Albin ALP 09/13/17

Capacity up to 10 m3/h; Viscosity up to 15000 cps; Temperature of pumped liquid up to 135°C ; Differential pressure up to 4 bar ; Discharge pressure up to 4 bar; Achievable suction up to 0.6 bar (water).



Albin ALP 09/13/17

Pharmaceutical industry

Challenge : it demand sterility and a high degree of precision to ensure the integrity and quality of the end product. Fluid isolation and precise metering are vital, and not meeting these demands can be enormously costly. 

Pumped fluids : chemical dosing, liquid protein, vaccines, serum, plasma, syrups.

Water treatment

Challenge : reduce the down time due to maintenance of costly dosing pumps  and elimination of expensive auxcil-lary equipment.

Pumped fluids : sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulfite, fluoride, polymers, aqueous ammonia, po-tassium permanganate, caustic soda, and many more.

Pasta industry

Challenge : inspectors are concerned about contamination if the hose breaks. Our competition uses a food grade oil for hose lubrication, but within 1-2 days the  hose begins to wear (turns black), requiring the customer to change hoses every 2 days.

Pumped fluids : egg white & yolk, edigible fat, semolina, natural flavoring.

Bread dough & fruit cake manufacturers

Challenge : require semi-accurate metering of viscous products containing solids.

Pumped fluids : water & salt mixtures, natural flavorings, fats, fruit cake dough/mixture (i.e. fruit cake has nuts and fruit pieces that need to stay whole).

Cheese manufacturers

Challenge : require a low sheer pump so fibers in cheese aren’t separated.

Pumped fluids : Cream, milk and yogurt.

Shampoo manufacturers

Challenge : eliminate potential for foaming fluid on bottle filling lines. Harsh pumping action of air operated dia-phragm pumps can cause the fluid to foam.

Pumped fluids : shampoos

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