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HITORK2.0 Part-turn Electric Actuator-HKM30.2/QS125

HITORK®2.0 part-turn electric actuator base on HKM series, equipped with gearbox to implement the angular travel output and has all the performance of HKM series. It can be connected with the crank arm to meet the requirements of various conditions.



HITORK2.0 Part-turn Electric Actuator-HKM30.2/QS125


                       >Provide IoT communication, remote expert diagnosis system, cloud platform & big data analysis.

                       >Real smart, torque adjustment without opening the cover. Self-adaptive, high positioning accuracy, effectively avoid oscillation.

                       >Strong anti-interference ability, EMC class 3, high immunity from spurious signals.

                       >Adaptive for several bus protocols such as: PROFIBUS, MODBUS, FF, Device Net, Hart, etc.

                       >Valve position monitoring during power loss through the robust absolute encoder developed independently by our own.

                       >HD color screen display indicates valve position in normal mode, with asset management functions such as life prediction,                                       maintenance record, etc.

                       >Adaptive for infrared and Bluetooth communication, in addition to remote control, provide mobile phone bluetooth APP local                               operation function.

                       >Aviation plug,which is easy to implement the split actuator and make the actuator suitable for high temperature, high vibration                             and other special conditions, the split distance is up to 150 meters.


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