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HPR Series Pinion-and-rack Pneumatic Actuators

HITORK series pneumatic actuators, including four series, HPR series pinion-and-rack pneumatic actuators, HPL series linear pneumatic actuators, HPD series linear pneumatic diaphragm actuators and HPY series scotch yoke pneumatic actuators.



HPR Series Pinion-and-rack Pneumatic Actuators

HPR series actuators’torque can reach up to 13024NM.By adding manual override and other pneumatic accessories, our pneumatic actuators can perfectly solve end-users' various needs.

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Position indicator with NAMUR is convenient for mounting accessories such as Limit Switch box,Positioner and so on.


The pinion is high-precision and integrative, made from nickelled-alloy steel, full conform to the lastest standards of NAMUR,1505211, DN3337. The dimensions can be customized and the stainless steel pinion is available.

3、Actuator Body

According to the different requirements, the extruded aluminum alloy ASTM6005 Body can be treated with hard anodized, powder polyester painted (different colours is available such as blue, orange, yellow etc) ,PTFE coated or Nickel plated.

4、End caps 

Wth die-casting aluminum alloy surface,coated with various metal powder,PTFE or nickel plated.


The twin rack pistons are with die-cast aluminum hard oxidation or cast steel galvanized treatment, symmetric mounted, quick operation ,long service life and fast operation, change the rotation direction by simply reversing the pistons.

6、Travel adjustment 

Two independent external travel adjustment bolts can adjust the position at both on and off directions easily and precisely,the adjustment range is ± 5 °.

7、High performance springs 

The spring adopts high quality material, coating treatment, and preload assembly.It has strong corrosion resistance and longer service life.It can disassembly single action actuators safely and simply, to meet different requirements of torque by changing the number of springs.

8、Bearings & Guides 

Adopt low friction,long-life compound material,to avoid the direct contact between metals. The maintenance and replacement are easy and convenient.


NBR rubber 0-rings provide trouble-free operation at standard temperaturer ranges.For high and low temperature applications Vition or Silicone rubber 0-rings are the best choice.

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