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HPD Linear Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators

HITORK series pneumatic actuators, including four series, HPR series pinion-and-rack pneumatic actuators, HPL series linear pneumatic actuators, HPD series linear pneumatic diaphragm actuators and HPY series scotch yoke pneumatic actuators.



HPD Linear Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators

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HPD series actuators' thrust can reach up to 26050N, By adding manual override and other pneumatic accessories, our pneumatic actuators can perfectly solve end-users' various needs. 


The HPD high performance linear pneumatic diaphragm actuator adopts multi-spring structure, which make it with light weight, small volume and large output force.Its working principle is the unit balances the force created when diaphraQm is airpressured and the force of compressed spring, so that the output roa is controlled and placed at a set position. HPD series linear actuator is suitable for linear motion control valve, modulating and on-off valves,and other linear motion devices etc. 


1、Application Versatility一 Direct Action & Reverse Action in six sizes are available for an extensive variety of applications. Spring ranges, stroke limits, and manual overrides are available for nearly any control vafve application.

2、Excellent Linearity Between Loading Pressure and Stroke-A molded diaphragm travels in a deep diaphragm casing, the effective area of the diaphram changes ve叩small,which provides excellent linearity. 

3、High Thrust Capability 一 The molded diaphragm and cold stamping case allows high pressure supply and maximum thrust for given diaphragm size. 

4、Long Service Life -cold punched sheet metal casing cap and ductile iron construction provides increased stability and protection from corrosion and deformation should over-pressurization occur. 

5、Cold Service Application -Enhanced product specification for all sizes of HPD series diaphragm actuators allow performance to -40℃if required. 

6、Positive Connections - A split block stem connection provides a solid transfer of motion while allowing easy mounting. The absence of linkages helps to avoid lost motions and inaccurate valve positioning. 

7、Compact & Light-With the multiple springs and a high air supply pressure, HPD series are much more compact and light as compared with conventional actuators. 

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