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HITORK2.0 Multi-turn Electric Actuators


HITORK2.0 IoT HKM.2 multi-turn electric actuator can be used to control a variety of valves and other similar products, such as gate valves, globe valves, regulating valves, etc. which are widely used in power plant, petrochemical, water treatment, shipping, papermaking and other industries.

> Light weight, small volume and high strength. The housing is made of special aluminum alloy.

> Absolute encoder for travel and torque, Non-intrusive setting—no cover removal required.

> Connect in accordance with ISO5210 standard.

> IP67(IP68 Option)

> Adaptive for bus, Bluetooth, Internet of things

> Plug-in type dual panel structure, double sealing, convenient wiring maintenance.

HITORK2.0 Part-turn Electric Actuators


HITORK2.0 part-turn electric actuator base on multi-turn electric actuator, equipped with worm gearbox to implement the angular travel output and has all the characteristics of multi-turn electric actuator. Flexible combination and wide range of output torque. It can be directly connected with the valve, and can also be connected with the crank arm or connecting rod to meet the requirements of various working conditions. It is mainly used for ball valve and butterfly valve.

HITORK2.0 Linear Electric Actuators


HITORK2.0 linear electric actuator based on multi-turn electric actuator, equipped with linear unit to implement linear travel output, it has all the characteristics of multi-turn electric actuator, small volume, large thrust, high reliability, and is mostly used for regulating valve. The HALF structure of actuator output connection part is flexible and adaptable.

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