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Industrial Electric Actuator And Hose Pump Factory in China

Hankun Brand was founded in 2007, mainly deals with electric actuators, control valve,valve actuator, pumps and other fluid control equipment and services, focuses on the process industries and is committed to provide professional fluid control solutions for process industries, such as electric power,petrochemical, water treatment industries etc. We provide the end-users with safe, environmental-friendly and economical solutions. We will supply the equipment in strict accordance with the contract requirements and provide the guidance for clients' installation and commissioning.

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Water Treatment Industry

Peristaltic pumps solve many of the challenges associated with treating wastewater. They can accurately dose the chemicals used to treat water such as sodium hypochlorite, lime and caustic sodas. Due to the fact that the fluid is completely enclosed within the pump’s hose, resistance to chemical corrosion and physical abrasion can be overcome with chemical/abrasion resistant hoses. No other pump component comes into contact with the fluid and therefore abrasion on the pump’s rotating parts is non-existent.

Oil and Gas Industry

In the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, precision control of the flow of product through valves in the system is vital, and modulation of that flow depends on the valve actuator. These critical pieces of equipment must perform reliably and safely under the most extreme conditions: very high and low temperatures, drought or high-rainfall environments, remote situations in deserts or the arctic, and the corrosive effects of chemicals, high humidity or salinity for extended periods. In potentially explosive atmospheres, explosion protection is required; and in some applications, fireproof operation is critical.

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